Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top Nine Idol Fashions

I had a lot of fun with my first American Idol fashion post last week, and hope for some better looks from the contestants tonight. I'm blogging this live. Well, my live - which means after I put my kids to bed and caught up on Twitter and e-mail, but before I do the dishes. And I'm on Pacific Time. Thank goodness for TiVo! A special thanks to Dayton Daily News, who seems to have the pictures before anyone else.

Holy hairstyles! I'm seeing several new ones just in the introductions - I can't wait to see those up close.

Anoop Desai looks pretty good. That jacket is interesting - but in a good way I think. He looks like he's dressing up as a pop star. I think he needed a little more fitted pants though - and some less casual shoes. I wish he would try a new hairstyle too. I wonder what he'd look like with a shorter cut?

Megan Joy - I almost can't see Megan's clothes over the terrible dancing. I don't like this look as much on her, although I suppose it matches the tattoos better. She's got free-form, crazy hair - which just looks messy. I quite like the higher-waisted jeans and the green bustier. But all those necklaces and the hair is pretty distracting. She needs a cleaner look. I like layered necklaces, but hers are too big, chunky, and crazy - there's like 10.

Danny Gokey is my go-to guy for solid fashion. I love his hair tonight, and his signature glasses, as always. Again, necklaces on a guy are not my favorite - but that just might be a personal preference. The rest of his ensemble is basic black. Good pants & jacket - and an interesting tee underneath. Nothing too flashy though.

Allison Iraheta - She's got some crazy, rocker-chick hair tonight. I think she looks great though. Rock star fashion is not the same as an editorial in Vogue. Plus she's 16. I love the cute bow, it adds some femininity to the edgy hair. The pink dress is the same - rocker edge, but with plenty of pink and lace to keep it from being manly. Funny that Randy hates it. I'm even like the white detailing down the front - which matches the shoes. I hate the shoes personally. Again - the outfit is pretty crazy, but I think it suits Allison and her music.

Scott MacIntyre - Somebody got a haircut. Now he looks like a 70s performer. Kind of like Danny Osmond. Hmm. I like the leather jacket a lot though. And the shirt underneath. The lower neckline, and the mandarin collar on the jacket gives him a clean, modern look. Too bad I can never see his pants because of the piano. This is the best outfit he's ever worn! And my favorite tonight so far. But please - don't tease the hair too high.

Matt Giraud has the clean look going on tonight too. I like his jacket - a little retro, but still current. I like his tee and basic jeans. Not much to say about his look, but sometimes that's better. There's nothing to distract from his performance - which I loved this week, despite the bad critique from the judges.

Lil Rounds - I love Lil's hair in her video. The short cut complements her face. She is very beautiful and it's nice to be able to see all of her face. The hair in her performance is completely different. I don't like it as much. The dress is okay. It shows off her nice arms, but I think a different color would suit her better - maybe more jewel toned, or even white. Again, Lil has got some serious boo-tay going on. And this dress just emphasizes it. Last week's outfit was way better and more fun. She looks too old tonight.

Adam Lambert - interesting to see him continuing with his new look from last week. But instead of Elvis, now he looks like John Travolta. But in a fun way. I like that Adam feels comfortable enough to try out all these looks. He is amazing! And I think these looks just add to his talent. I love the bell bottom pants and shoes. And the jacket,/sweater combo is classic, while the bright blue color keeps it fresh. As does the little pop of lime green and zebra at the neck.

Kris Allen - The shirt is pretty boring. It's like a non-color. His hair, sideburns, and hints of facial hair look good though. The jeans and cowboy boots look much more interesting, but you can't see them as well while he's sitting down. I think Kris could pull off the modern country star look quite well, even if he doesn't do that kind of music.

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Becky said...

A lot of jackets tonight! Great review. It was nice seeing you at the park yesterday.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Ok, Allison's dress was a bit much, though, right? But the judges went overboard criticizing it. I don't think it distracted from her performance -- it complemented her song.

LOVE Adam. Danny was good, but not super interesting this week.

(And I missed im'ing with you. Just move up here, already :)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Allison looks like Cyndi Lauper! And Adam totally looks like John Travolta in that picture. Love your post!