Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top Ten Idol Fashions

I love American Idol. I only starting watching last season, but I'm hooked. And not only is the music amazing, and sometimes bad - but so are the fashions. I've written about Idol fashions before, and with some prodding from my friend, Jane, I have decided to post every week on what Season 8 contestants are wearing. I'm not going to comment much on the music, but you can read BooMama's lovely recaps. And if it's just fashion you're interested in, you can't go wrong with Big Mama's Fashion Friday posts. I intend to have pictures with my weekly post, but can't get them online until later and don't want to hold off posting - so check back later!

Jumping right in: it's really weird to me how the judges are walking in now - but it suits my purposes well because I can see their outfits. Paula's dress is flirty and fun, just like her. But stays quiet, unlike her. I like the very feminine look on her. I don't like the hair though. It's too flat on top. Kara has a much more classic, subdued style - her navy, satin dress is smokin! And I love her hair. Volume on top is good. Now I'm totally going to ignore Simon - fashion boring! And Randy was wearing some green & white striped cardigan. I don't know how he can get away with horizontal stripes - I can't.

Matt Giraud - Mister JT-look-a-like himself. But Matt could not look less like JT tonight. He's wearing a diamond print old man cardigan. The jeans are okay, but he kind of favors tight pants. So he really shouldn't wear such a tight cardigan too. He should play up those curls though, rather than keeping his hair so short.

Kris Allen - I think a lot of girls love his looks. He's cute, but in a boyish way - not really my type. Man, this military style that's been going around is a bit much I think. And he has a tie on with it. Then it's too boring on the bottom half & the whole thing is pretty blah. What are the weird lines/patterns on the bottom half of the shirt?

Scott MacIntyre - I will not be able to get over the pink pants. Wow. It's a good thing he sat at the piano during the song so that we could pay attention to his singing. The shirt was a bit feminine, but could have been pulled off with jeans and that jacket. The jacket was nice. Scott's hair is a mess too - not attractive in my opinion, although it looked better tonight than it has before. The pants were so bad I couldn't even find a picture of them.

Megan Joy - She is so beautiful (except for the tattoos that totally ruin her look). And her stylists have outdone themselves this week. She looked amazing last week, but not really like herself much, which the judges commented on. This week was perfect - youthful, fun, and gorgeous. Love the old-style updo with the flower. Love the statement necklace. Love the cute floral dress. Love the flats. My only criticism (fashion-wise) is that she had on too much makeup. Like pancake looking. Last week she had a lot of eye makeup, but this week it seemed like it could have been anyone under that mask.

Anoop Desai - I want to say that he was the first guy who looked decent out here tonight. But I can't. But if he took off that jacket... he would have nailed it. It was just the ribbed cuffs and collar on the jacket that ruined the whole thing. The shirt, sweater, and tie underneath looked great - very Anoop Dog cool.

Michael Sarver - He looks near-perfect from the waist up. I hate necklaces on men, but maybe it's a Southern thing or something. (Any thoughts, BooMama?) The shirt and jacket are fabulous! And they go great with jeans. But different jeans would have been better. These were too casual, with a boot cut and some distressing/rips. I think a darker wash with straight legs would have looked nicer.

Lil Rounds - um, I didn't recognize Lil this week. She has different hair, and looks a ton smaller, like she lost 20 pounds. I think it's the dress. Somehow she looks better in a loose, swingy dress than in the tight stuff she's been wearing. It hides that major booty pretty well. The dress looks good, and highlights her amazing legs.

Adam Lambert - um, not sure who he got to be the body double for him tonight. Holy cow! He looks different, but good. I love that he dressed for Motown night. The suit is perfect and the hair is super cool! Like Elvis. Why didn't he take the earrings out though? Can't say much about modern fashion, but perfect for tonight.

Danny Gokey - he always looks good, he's just cool. I love his glasses too. The jeans and shoes are perfect, and the shirt is a good combination of casual and put together. And he looks good in black. He always seems to hit the mark, fashion-wise.

Alison Iraheta - Oh, will she always have that bright red hair? She has an interesting style, but she sticks to it. I think it's smart to go with dresses and stay more feminine, but there were too many layers in this look. I know she's only 16, and that the junior look is very layered right now - but she's a little too big for so many. I liked the dress and black leggings, but the lace patterned tights were too much, as was the crazy chain belt. And the white jacket was cute, but needed to be a little longer - the whole thing made her look a little short and cut up into pieces. The shoes were killer though and I liked the necklace too. And her hair was cute, despite the color.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Dude. Only you can make fashion interesting to me. Awesome post! And totally agree on the fashion picks. Adam was so awesome!!

So, for fun (but swear-y and sometimes pretty harsh) critques of the singing/pop culture-ness, I am getting addicted to Mr. Lady's recaps at Mamapop:

I don't even get half her references, but like all good recaps (including yours, where I don't know much about fashion), it's still enjoyable.

Kirby3131 said...

I can't wait to see the photos because I was mostly blogging and listening to AI last night, so hardly looked up at all.

I agree with Megan's tattoos. I'm not a fan of the sleeve look. I didn't like Carly last year for a number of reasons but I didn't like the tattoos most of all.

jerriann said...

I love that you posted only on the fashion. Great insights to what could look better and what should have been left in the dressing room.

Thanks I love your take on it.

pcb said...

Fun commentary! I am always looking at what they're wearing. Then again, I'm the kind of girl (old lady?) who picks teams based on their uniforms (for example, what the hey are the Oregon Ducks thinking?).