Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top Eight Idol Fashions

My husband and I were at a Polynesian Poolside Party last night - with Elvis. So I didn't get to watch American Idol and check out their fashion ensembles until this morning. But just try and tell me this wasn't worth it:

Danny Gokey - he looked good tonight; he always does. But I'm afraid that with his looks, as well as his performance, good starts to get a little boring. I did like his black tie against the pop of color with his fuschia shirt, but even that crazy white jacket from a couple weeks ago was more interesting. I also think he looks better with the black frames on his glasses, rather than the rimless. It does a lot more for his face.

Kris Allen - I think he is perfecting his casual style. He seems to feel more and more comfortable on stage, and it shows in his clothes too. I loved the military style jacket over a black tee. The jeans were a good fit, and the lighter wash gave them a more casual feel than dark jeans. And with Kris, cute & casual is perfect.

Lil Rounds - I loved her hair and makeup this week. And that leather vest was hot! Did you see the cut-out in the back? Paula said she looked hot too. The skirt flattered Lil's figure and showed off her great legs. And the diamond covered shoes were amazing! She looked the part of a star this week, even if she didn't sound like one.

Anoop Desai - He's like a fresh breath of spring in a sea of black mens wardrobes. He has a preppy look that is original to this season. The colors look good on him, and the cardigan, tie, and jeans work well together. Bravo! (loved the singing too. loved simon's singing yo-yo analogy.)

Scott MacIntyre - poor Scott just always looks out-of-date to me. The pattern on that shirt is from the 90s, and the pants with the black racing stripes down the sides seemed like he was trying too hard. And the hair! Oh, the hair. I don't know how to make him look more modern. I'm thinking some facial hair would help. Make him look a little more rugged. He had a hint of a mustache this week - let's see some more.

Allison Iraheta - I really like the top half of her outfit: the leather jacket and various chains. And I like the skirt, it shows off her legs and looks girly tough. But I don't like the top and bottom half together. I don't know which one she should have gone with, but somehow the top and bottom distracted from each other. The hairstyle was nice, but I still don't love the red hair.

Matt Giraud - This guy can pull off a hat easily! I loved it; the hat added a lot to his overall look. The leather jacket, jeans, and shirt were fine, looked fine - but the hat pulled it all together. I still wish for a pop of something to break up the monochromatic black/grey scheme. Even if it was a little white.

Adam Lambert - Although he pulls off other looks well, I'm a little relieved to get back to the real Adam. The lighting made it kind of hard to see - I think he was wearing white pants and boots. Hey, he totally looked like Elvis from the waist down, minus a few sequins. Okay, it's a grey/beige leather hoodie thing with matching scarf - weird. Just like him. I thought his song was weird too, but there is no denying his talent. I predict he'll be in the top 2, so we'll get to see a lot more fashion choices from him.


Aaron said...

As much as I love your Idol Fashion posts, and I do wait with unabashed anticipation every week, that couple at the top of your post with the King looks absolutely ravishing.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

I was a bit distracted by that hairy chest in the middle to fully appreciate that awesomeness of that couple at the top.

And I have to say that Adam's performance is one of my all-time favorite Idol performances ever. Maybe my number 1. AWESOME. -- And I didn't even recognize the song, even though I know other Tears for Fears stuff.

Kirby3131 said...

I love your posts on the fashion. I can never remember what they were wearing and your recaps are awesome! You make me see things I didn't notice before. Thanks!