Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Five Idol Fashions

Please read Boo Mama for more American Idol recaps, and BigMama for fabulous Fashion Friday posts. Thank you Dayton Daily News for keeping me in photos, except for missing a shot of Kris this week! Sorry.

Kris Allen - He looks a little uncomfortable in that suit; it's not really his style. But he looks great! The stylist did a great job picking something current, and it fits him very well. The cut is much more fashion than classic, with slim pants and a tapered waist on the jacket. It's perfect for Rat Pack night. I wonder how he would look with a different hair style - I'm thinking all slicked back. (Sorry again about the no photo - I'll keep looking.)

Allison Iraheta - She looks so beautiful! It's nice to see her in something more pretty and less rocker. She does keep it a little tough with a fitted black satin bustier. The skirt is frilly, poofy, and has a gorgeous black & white pattern. I love her hair. The makeup is a bit heavy, but probably appropriate for her look. The platform black shoes are hot! The whole thing is a nice change for Allison, but I imagine she'll be back to her rocker chick next week.
Note: Thanks to Jamie Foxx for saying she's too young to be in love and to think about her family watching over her. Kudos, Jamie.

Matt Giraud - I'm so glad he is sticking to the fedora. And of course it's perfect for Rat Pack week. His suit is kind of modern, a little too much in my opinion. I think it's the blue shirt; I'm not loving it. The fit is nice, but he just seems a little too buttoned-up and uncomfortable. It's very different from his normal look, hat notwithstanding.

Danny Gokey - He looks like he's ready to get married, rather than entertain. The suit looks great, but not right for the Rat Pack. I think my biggest problem is the fit of his collar. It's so loose it fits like a polo or something. And his glasses are wrong too, as much as I love them. In short: he looks great, but not for the theme. And that would be fine, if this were his normal look, but it's not. If you're gonna dress for the night, you have to get it right. (Loved his song though.)
Dude, just noticed from the picture that he was wearing a vest. Nice try, but it's too low. You couldn't even see it in most of the shots.

Adam Lambert - only Adam can get away with a white suit, especially one as shiny as this. It fits him great though, and if you're gonna wear a white, shiny suit then you gotta go with the black shirt and white tie. There's nothing else to do.


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