Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Seven Idol Fashions

Allison Iraheta - This outfit is not very flattering for her. She's a teensy bit heavier and all that extra fabric around her hips doesn't look good. Especially not over red leggings. Bare legs would have been better with such a voluminous middle. The belt and above looks good though. Allison looks good in black, but I'm always glad she has some color in there too. I don't even want to discuss the gloves. She's not ready for those yet.

Anoop Desai - I love Anoop in a tie! Still not sure about his jacket, with the white arms and stripes, but the jeans, button-up, and tie look great. He somehow looks cooler than usual tonight too, maybe because I loved his song. His hair seems a little more messed & casual.

Adam Lambert - Here's my rock star back. Love the jeans & jacket. The tee is okay. Plain white would have been more classic. The only place he misses the rock star image, and seems more in line with a drama performer, is in his physique. I'm no one to talk here, but he seems a little soft in the middle and most singers from this genre are ultra skinny. We'll see what happens in a few years once the money and fame has kicked in and he's turned to drugs. That always seem to take the weight off. (Please don't let that happen to Adam!)

Matt Giraud - I miss the hat a little, but I guess he is showing off his new 'do. I like the facial hair a lot. The haircut goes well with this classic ensemble. White shirt, black tie & vest looks good but doesn't distract from the performance at all. Not so exciting to write about, but sometimes that's better.

Danny Gokey - He looks different tonight, not the same old thing. I like the casual, holey jeans. But I'm not sure about the Miami Vice blazer with pushed up sleeves. Maybe. Danny's got a new haircut this week too, or something, and I like it. That and the facial hair make up for the missing glasses. I'm so glad for something new, rather than a black blazer. What's up with those white shoes, though?

Kris Allen - He looks good, but a little bit like he's trying too hard or something. I think it's the upturned collar on the jacket. Doesn't seem like him. The rest is good though - jeans and a basic tee go so well on Kris.

Lil Rounds - Why does she have different hair every week? That's strange to me. I love her earrings. She looks chic in some close-fitting clothes. The black looks good & I love the pattern on just the shoulders. The shoes are cool, and it's nice to see a little skin down there, although I think a skirt would have been a good choice for her - to show off her legs.


Smoochiefrog said...

I totally hated Allison's outfit.

Kirby3131 said...

I was totally distracted that Danny didn't have any glasses on. I had no idea what he was wearing otherwise LOL

Great fashion recap! Thanks!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I'm not a fan of Adam's skinny jeans, although I'm a huge fan of Adam. And I guess the skinny jeans fit the image, but... UGH. :-)

Agree with the rest. Lil looked great. Allison needs some wardrobe help!! Danny and Kris looked great. Fun post!