Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Have Style

While browsing at my local library several months ago, I came across a book called How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi. And I've perpetually had it checked out since then. I'm seriously monopolizing it and should probably just buy a copy, but the library has more than one. To buy your own copy at a great price, click on the image below.

The biggest thing I learned from this book is that I need to be chosen as the subject of a book or television show about makeovers. Because having a group of professionals on your side makes a world of difference. The style team for this book includes a fashion stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist, and Isaac Mizrahi himself. I guarantee they could make me look fabulous. And I suppose the point of a book like this is to glean some of the expertise they use on the subjects in the book and apply it to yourself. Not as satisfying, but financially a much more viable option.

How to Have Style starts with some basic information and concepts in the introduction, then jumps to chapters featuring one lucky woman each. Isaac and the team polish up each woman, making changes where needed, but keeping all the good too. That's one plus of this book compared to tv makeover shows - Isaac really goes with what the women like/want and what will suit their personality and lifestyle. He doesn't throw everything out and start over. He doesn't do an entire makeover, changing these women into something they are not. He works with them.

This book includes twelve women, of varying ages, vocations, body shapes, and style parameters. I love this! You will find someone who matches you, and will find tips in many other chapters that work for you too. We learn How To Have Style...
... on a Budget
... When You're Petite
... When Traveling on Business
... and Reinvent Yourself
... and Wear Denim
... When You're Not a Size 12
... and Wear Colors
... by Spending More on Less
... and Be Funny and Sexy
... in the Evening
... by Growing Up
... and Wake Up from a Jeans Coma

Finding your style starts with an inspiration board. Isaac suggests creating your own from a basic cork board, compiling any images or items that speak to you. And we find each woman's inspiration board at the beginning of her chapter, and then discover how the team turn that into a personal style.

I loved the information sections at the back of the book too. My favorite was What You Need - listing key items in shoes, bags, jewelry, and bras. Visit Isaac Mizrahi's website to learn more about the How To Have Style concept. There is even an online community - make your own inspiration board and view others' boards and profiles.


angela hardison said...

I've always wanted to be on one of those makeover shows (even if it would be a little bit sad if my friends/family sent my name in, haha).