Friday, February 12, 2010

I love frozen yogurt

I've been reading the blog, Barefoot in the Kitchen, for many months now because I love to follow local bloggers (with the secret hope that I will be friends with them someday). Stephanie has been heralding the opening of her family's yogurt shop and I can't wait for the grand opening. This is made sweeter by the fact that I'll be getting free yogurt! I've always been strictly an ice cream girl, but recently enjoyed Golden Spoon and am keeping myself open to this new, lower-calorie experience. I can eat twice as much yogurt, right? Hope to see you at the opening!

the yodipity grand yo'pening
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Susan said...

We love Golden Spoon. I don't know if frozen yogurt is actually as good as ice cream or not - it's kind of an apples/oranges thing, don't you think?

Too bad the new yogurt place isn't closer or I would totally be there. Ah well. I hope their grand opening is a huge success!

Rebecca Irvine said...

We need to go try this. Since it is free there is nothing to lose. Plus, being by the movie theater, maybe I can talk the DH into taking me out :-).