Friday, March 12, 2010

The "During" Shots

Moving is hard work. Like, totally hard. I had forgotten all the craziness, despite our cross-country move only three and a half years ago. And we all know those people who move in, and within days their house looks like they've been there for years. All pictures hung, all knick knacks out, all boxes gone. I am not one of those people. I like to unpack one box. Then... take a nap. Then try another box, then maybe catch up on my blog reading for a couple hours. Another box, then read a book or two. Mix that with normal child rearing and occasional laundry, dishes, and cleaning and we're not exactly clipping along at a speedy rate here.

Here are the "during" shots, which certainly don't represent half way between before and after. More like worse than "before." But I took these early last week, so I swear things look better now. A bit. But at least I'll be giving a current excuse for my lack of... personal hygiene posting entertaining visitors.

By the way, we love the house. The neighborhood and ward seem great. I'm reserving judgement on the school, but my son seems happy.