Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally Presentable

For all my friends that care, and for anyone who might still be hanging onto a subscription, despite the fact that I haven't posted seriously in forever, here are some up to date photos of our new house. These are the formal living & dining rooms, which take up the left side of the house, from front to back. We had new carpet installed in the entire house, but I laid new flooring myself in the dining room. It only took my three months after we moved in. Finally all the boxes are gone, furniture in place, etc. I even hosted a couple of events here.

Now, for the to do/want list: curtains, artwork, etc. In our last home I had a very long stretch of wall that I didn't know what to do with. That problem is solved, thanks to many, lovely windows. But what to do vertically? We have some VERY tall ceilings, on both floors. Anyone have some great ideas?

Also, what does everyone think about plants? Do we need some? Are faux trees & plants faux paux? Should I get real? Can I keep them alive?


Rasmussen Family said...

I care, and it is looking good! I like faux flowers but have a hard time with faux plants (they always look fake no matter what I do. Sometimes tall reeds or something woody looks good :) I would hang a rod with a panel on each side of the window, maybe something sheery so it doesn't overtake the whole area.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

It looks great. Did you really lay the flooring by yourself? You rock.