Monday, October 4, 2010

Craftin' it Up

I am not into scrapbooking. But I love all the cute papers & have amassed an amount in clear excess of what I need. And over the past few years I have spent entire days downloading free digital scrapbooking kits from various websites. And I don't use it often either. But this weekend I finally got busy. I read about Lua Nova via Barefoot in the Kitchen, whose author, Stephanie, is kind of a new friend of mine. Stephanie's sister is in Sao Paulo, Brazil working with this non-profit and they are in need of scrapbooks for the young, unwed mothers there. Read all about it here. When I found some cute, clearance 3-ring-binders at Michael's last week I decided to put all my crafting supplies to good use.

And I had the perfect complement: new crafting supplies from Elmer's and X-acto! I recently received a box of supplies to try out, thanks to Bzz Agent, and they were invaluable for my weekend project. I holed up in my office as long as my husband would allow, put General Conference on my large computer screen, and sat on the floor cutting, punching, and gluing.

This stuff was completely the bomb! I used the Elmer's Permanent Tape Runner exclusively until it ran out. I was using it for paper to paper, but it would work well for photos on paper too. I will be buying more of these in the future.

Then I tried the Craft Bond All Purpose Glue Stick, but it didn't seem right for my project. I was worried about the heat my pages would experience being shipped to Brazil & imagined all the decorations unsticking from the pages before they arrived.

Next I used the Craft Bond Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen, which was easy to use, but the more liquid glue made my paper wrinkle up. Maybe I need to learn to squeeze softer & use less glue. But it would be perfect for light-weight, non paper projects. I have a few in mind.

X-acto sent some decorative edging scissors and a corner-rounder, all of which I put to good use to make my sometimes boring pages a little cuter. I don't do anything fancy, but here's a shot of my stuff.

Stephanie is collecting scrapbooks until Nov 1st so there's still time for you to put one or two together. She lives in the same city as I do, so I would be happy to collect any made locally & deliver them to her.

All of the Elmer's and X-acto supplies are available at Walmart.

The end.