Monday, November 1, 2010

Stencilin' Craft Night

I am a member of a small, monthly craft group that in the past year has become one of my favorite things to look forward to. A few months ago it was my turn to host, and I chose freezer paper stenciling for the project. I thought things went very well, because with the same supplies we made so many different projects. Personally, I completed three items: a shirt for my sister (the hairdresser) that had been in the works for six months (copied from here), a tie for my sweet hubby for Father's Day (copied from Dana), and a tote bag for my Cub Scout materials (my own idea). I was called to be a Webelos leader a few months ago & am having lots of fun. And it's nice to have a cute tote bag to haul my stuff.

We mainly used tutorials & tips from Jess at How About Orange, and Dana at MADE. Specifically, I copied the Father's Day tie idea from Dana.


Candice said...

that was such a fun project! I love the towels that I made.