Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Musical Mornings

I'm not ashamed to admit that Honeycomb is my all-time favorite breakfast cereal. I don't buy it often because I can eat an entire box dry while watching TiVo for an hour. It's so light and crunchy and addictive! But this week my boys convinced me to buy a box for them as a special spring break treat. While munching on it the first morning I noticed the box said there were 15 free music downloads inside! And hey, I like music.

When I went to I found that someone at Post put together a sampler of music, supposedly all new, up-and-coming bands. And since Honeycomb is targeted at kids, it looks like they were careful to keep the lyrics clean, which I appreciate. I have never heard of any of the artists (not that I'm any kind of music guru) but I kinda love all the songs. The boys and I have turned out living room into a dance floor! You can check out the website and hear all the songs full-length without the code and if you like what you hear then run to your grocery store for a box of crunchy, honey goodness and get your code inside to download the album.