Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Series

Yes, I know - it's not like the one thing this blog is missing is a regular series. What it's missing is regular posting, period. But... just for fun, I'm starting a monthly series called Outfit of the Month.

I subscribe to way too many magazines and all of them have at least a fashion section, if not more. I often see things I like, mark them, and then let the stack of mags grow to 3 foot proportions. I've been working my way through that stack recently, tearing out and scanning things I feel like I need to save. It's usually just a product or two, but sometimes I see an entire look that grabs me and I show it to my husband and say, "That's what I wish I was wearing." Only I don't want to spend $3,829 on the outfit.
And voila!

A new series is born. I will post looks that I love, but show what I would substitue instead - pieces that would be in a real person's budget.  I will be posting the April Outfit of the Month this weekend, but just to get my three readers excited, here's the look I'll be going for.