Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Do I Love Him?

There's a link I've been saving on my computer for about a year. Swiss Miss blogged about a poster that says, "i love you because" and then leaves a blank for you to fill you your reasons. You frame it and then use dry erase markers to change your reasons whenever you feel the urge. I've been wanting to flat-out copy this idea and gift it to my husband because I'm not always great at telling him how wonderful I think he is.

I finally put this together in Illustrator (though the simple design could have been completed in any word processing program) and had it printed at Kinko's. I took my own paper - textured, watercolor paper that prints beautifully on my home printer. But it looked awful on their fancy printers & I had them print it again on plain, white card stock. And it looks so nice! I put it in a simple frame and hung it up to surprise my husband for Valentine's day. And of course, part of the gift is that he gets to hear different reasons I love him every day. Which he seems to like.

Naturally, as soon as I finished my husband's gift for Valentine's Day, I've been seeing homemade versions of these all over blogland. But I'm pretty sure my sweet hubby appreciates his own anyway.


Aaron said...

I thought I would trump my wonderful wife this year with some well thought out gifts, but when I saw this, I knew that once again, she had one-upped me. I do love this gift, it's probably one of my favorites I've ever received - primarily because she updates it almost every day; it brings a smile to my face and makes my wee, lil' grinch-heart melt a little bit.

Kristi said...

I've got to do this! So fun! I'm on it!