Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1: 21 Day Challenge

I am going to try the 21 Day Challenge at Freckles in April. With the start of school & a little more free time to myself I want to try to actually get dressed & put together every day. Hopefully this challenge will give me some motivation. There are little prompts for each day, remixing is encouraged, and Kayla is a fellow Arizona girl - so hopefully I'll get some inspiration on how to wear more than a skirt and tee without melting into a puddle. I know I'm no fashion model, but I do love to shop, read fashion mags, and lately a bunch of fashion blogs & websites. I will try not to be embarrased and hopefully I can cover my well-rounded shape with some decent outfits.

Day 1: Remix (choose 1 item that will get thrown in at least three times in 21 days)

These jeans & white linen shirt are the J.Jill ones I blogged about in my last post. The white shirt is so versatile & you'll be seeing more of it in the next 3 weeks. I found the Bass loafers at Savers for $5 and they will get a lot of wear this fall & winter.


Katie said...

You're right, the white shirt is so versatile! It is definitely a wardrobe staple. Great look!

Aaron said...

I like the shoes.

Laura said...

I think this is great. I would love to try but I really think I would just embarrass myself. Sadly I don't think I can do much when 3 days of my week I will be coverd in glue and paint. Such is the life as preschool teacher. Good luck I will be sure to follow along.