Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 17: Mend It!

Top: Gap
Necklace: Fossil
Jeans: Gap
Wedges: Last Chance

I am so thankful for this prompt to mend something & wear it today. I've had this pair of white jeans for almost two years. And they were too long. Which didn't stop me from wearing them a few times with duct taped or safety pinned hems. And recently I have been trying really hard to hem them, but in the process my seldom-used sewing machine broke. And because of this prompt in the 21 Day Challenge, I searched all over online for the instruction manual for my machine, found it for free and downloaded it, fixed my machine in about five minutes, and hemmed those stinkin' jeans! Unfortunately I started all this at 11:30 last night, so I'm a little tired today, but I'm wearing my white jeans finally. I can't believe they still fit. (They are a little more snug.) Next on to the curtains that have been waiting for a year.

ps - have you all tried this tutorial for hemming jeans? i will be using this genius method from now on. so much easier than the regular way too.


Chris said...

Those jeans are the cutest! You look great in them too. It's amazing what you can find on the Internet, isn't it?! It's like the world's biggest instruction manual. Glad you got your sewing machine fixed. Now get going on those curtains! :-)