Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 18: Make a Statement

The prompt for today was to wear a piece of statement jewelry and I was happy to put on this necklace that I just bought on super clearance. I struggled a little about what top to wear with it and was happy enough with my eventual choice. I went into a clothing shop today to return something and the salesgirl told me she loved the necklace. She went on for a couple minutes and said how nice it looked with my eyes and hair, etc. She finished with, "It is such a statement piece!"  Talk about making my day. I guess I managed to pull off the challenge today.

Top: Gap
Necklace: Dillards
Trouser Jeans: Gap


Nancy Pitney said...

I've been super impressed with all of your challenges. Just wanted you to know that I've been following them! You inspire me to put a little more effort into my outfits. It's not the most natural or fun thing for me to do (I'd rather just be in something "comfortable"). Keep up the good work!

Chris said...

Oh, how I love green and blue combinations, and I love *you* for putting one such combo together today! :-)

Amy said...

You're necklace is so fun, I'm a fan!