Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still Looking Tired

As a BzzAgent, I was offered the chance to try some fancy skin care products: Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase. I was sent the Under Eye Recovery and the Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion. I used the Under Eye Recovery for a month and don't really have any complaints. I'm not sure if it helped my eyes look better, but it felt good when I used it every morning and evening. Here's the before and after photos, close-ups of my eyes that I'm not loving, but whatever. Looks like my eyebrows & pores need much more help than the bags under my eyes. In review, I can't recommend the Under Eye Recovery because I didn't notice any difference in my month of use.

I also received the Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion to try. I used it for about a week, despite the fact that I didn't like it from the beginning. It was far too greasy for my already oily skin. I was really nervous about a break-out, but it din't happen. I think this might be a good product for someone with dry skin. I loved the light, citrusy scent. I can't comment on the wrinkle repair properties since I only used it for a week. Anybody else want to try mine?  I still have an almost full bottle.

Thanks Kinerase and BzzAgent for letting me try out these products but I am still on the look out for a good under eye cream. I'd like something that erases the bags & fixes/prevents wrinkles. Anyone have a suggestion?