Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Loveliness

My Mother's Day started off with a delicious, surprise breakfast with fancy food & drinks; my family knows breakfast is my favorite meal! There were gifts, cards, and large Mama hugs. At church my sweet husband tried to divert the kids as much as possible so I could enjoy the nice program, which included two great talks, and some musical tributes to mothers. After a much-needed afternoon nap, I had a little free time before the super delicious Sunday dinner Aaron put together all on his own. He is a fabulous cook but doesn't get the chance to shine as often as he used to. This meal convinced me we should give him more opportunities! It was a lovely Sunday and Mother's Day and I felt the love of my family. I am lucky to be the mother of three handsome young men, who are growing up so fast. I am proud of their accomplishments and love them dearly!