Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Project 02

It's time for a Pinterest Challenge from Sherry at Young House Love and her pals. I love the inspiration I get from Pinterest, but am often overwhelmed by how many projects I want to try out. I've even stopped pinning new things (mostly) because I don't want to forget about all the great things I've already pinned. You can see all my boards here.
For the past year we have been renting our own little room in a great house that my in-laws are staying in. It is in Northern Arizona and we love it there! I wanted to decorate our room a little, mostly to distract me from the 80s wallpaper. I decided to use some of my favorite Pinterest pins as ideas for some graphic art to liven up our space. I know the pictures aren't great, but in person I am very pleased with the view.


Here are my inspiration pins:
Pinned Image
from mer mag
Pinned Image
I even did up one other print, to greet us as we walk into our room.